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Measuring, Evaluating and Planning

Successful portfolio management depends on making the right decisions at the right time. To do this, you need a system where the portfolio manager can constantly receive reports on current and future portfolio ratios that could potentially affect future developments. This is why it is necessary to process and quantify market data so that the impact on any future developments may be assessed. Only on this basis can a portfolio manager explore and evaluate the available range of options.

We meet these requirements by offering specific options for mapping and analyzing ratios effectively across several levels. Our software, RealEstimate, offers a multitude of analysis options (for example, an analysis based on a risk-return profile) to perform strategic analyses on the portfolio or product level.

This is independent of whether the customer has defined a number of rental agreements, properties, products or companies as a portfolio.

Except from our software solution RealEstimate we also advise on specific questions around the topics models, analysis, financial mathematics and their implementation in software.


Example of an analysis of a product portfolio (real estate funds) in return-risk profile