mathematics - software - consulting

The means to the ends

We see ourselves as a partner consulting and delivering tools to our customers. This is the central focus of our mission statement. As an asset class, real estate is frequently quite unique, and it takes experience to analyze future development potential precisely. The essential challenge here is to map the dynamics and correlations from a variety quantitative data that can directly or less directly influence a property.

That is why it is our goal to make complex mathematics useful to our customers as consulting, services and software solutions so that our customers always have at their disposal the best solutions that fits their highly individual needs.


Our vision is of long-term and substantive growth. We seek to understand exactly how our customers view their problems, and then we work directly with our customers to find solutions together. It is our conviction that this is best done based on a long-term relationship founded on trust.

We have expertise and years of experience in consultancy and modeling in the area of capital markets and, especially, in the area of financial mathematics. This knowledge, combined with the distinctive features of the real estate market, creates ideal conditions to be able to tackle the issues in modern real estate management.

We work closely with research institutes so that we can offer our customers not only standard solutions, but the latest innovations as well. We conduct in-house research and development projects and participate in university projects. We work with department chairs to address highly specialized issues and solve these together in scientific works.

Once we develop a solution, it is constantly being refined. It is of the utmost importance to us that our software solutions remain cutting edge. This is why we regularly invest in research and development, technology, as well as in making sure our associates have the latest qualifications.

As an owner-operated venture, we work independently and are free of any corporate, political or economic pressures!